Pearlys Home Teeth Whitening Kit

In the past I’ve had people send me things to try that seem to be hinting at my personal upkeep. First it was someone telling me that my face needed a good wash. Then someone else was saying that my underarms needed addressing.

Now someone seems to think my teeth aren’t looking so great.

That or Pearlys just wanted someone to try out their home whitening kit. I think it was the latter.

I was sent the Pearlys Smile Box which contained three treatments – the daily foam, the weekly powder and the whitening pen.


First impressions weren’t amazing. I was sceptical. The RRP of this kit is £50 onthe Pearlys website yet it comes in quite a cheap box and the products themselves don’t have any clear branding or information on them so you start to wonder what is actually in them…

However, once you start seeing the results of the foam, powder and pen those concerns fall by the wayside. This stuff really works.

I won’t bore/disgust you with close-ups of my mouth but after two weeks of using it all I can really see a difference in my smile (or any other facial expression where I need to expose my nashers).

My teeth haven’t gone all Ross Gellar white but they have changed from a dull beige to a dull white. It is a noticeable, natural looking improvement.

My wife also joined in with the review. Her opinion? “Love. It.”

There are a couple of downsides however. As I mentioned, the packaging is quite flimsy and doesn’t give you confidence in the quality of the product. The other (slightly picky point) is that Pearlys claim the kit makes your teeth 4 shades whiter instantly, but there is no scale provided for you to compare to. It made my teeth whiter, but I couldn’t tell you how many shades. Maybe 4. Maybe only 2. I have no idea.

Overall, the Pearlys Smile Box is a fantastic product and really does wonders with your teeth for little effort on your part. The price might put people off if they are used to just trying a whitening toothpaste for a fiver but this is a million miles away from those types of products and I’d recommended if you really want to make a difference to your grin.