Paper Shaker Customised Cards

We all know the pioneering figures of the customised card revolution. The space-exploring pig. The motorbike-riding pigeon.

Well, there is something bigger and better than both of them. It’s a company called PaperShaker.


What sets PaperShaker apart from the Moonpigs and Funky Pigeons of this world is that this isn’t a service to get an innuendo-filled card with your uncle’s name on it. No, PaperShaker is about creativity. It gives you the freedom to create a design that you otherwise couldn’t without a graphics programme and lots of skill.

I was approached by PaperShaker at an opportune moment, as my wife and I were gearing up to our daughter’s first birthday/an excuse to eat as many sweets as we could buy. We had been looking at ready-made cards but were left uninspired. We tinkered with the idea of making our own, but the prospect of gluing our fingers together and having a permanently glittered carpet weren’t too inviting. We were a bit stuck.

Luckily, Hugo at PaperShaker popped up and asked if I wanted to try them out. He was lucky the exchange was via email or I’d have hugged him.

Once we were all set up PaperShaker showed us what it can really do. There were lots of templates, all categorised by event, colour scheme, the theme of the event, so it was really simple to browse for the right one. Once selected, the editing interface was really easy to use. We were able to add photos and graphics by simply dragging and dropping. We then typed the details on the design on the back (yes, they print double-sided cards as well) and were all set.

When they arrived, we were over the moon. They looked so good we felt like Mr and Mrs Hallmark. We couldn’t wait to get them out to our friends and family.

2013-10-01 22.02.22

Overall, the experience of using PaperShaker was fantastic. The ease of using the site to design our cards should be the main selling point, but the sheer range of cards and templates comes a very close second. You can be extremely thick but still look like you’re a graphic designer. “Oh, these? I knocked them together in about 15 minutes. No big deal.”

If you’re looking for stationary that’s different and can be highly personalised for an event such as a wedding, birth announcement or party (and makes you look good) then PaperShaker is well worth a look.

Two orders were provided free of charge by PaperShaker for independent review. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. You can read my review policy here.