Pavillon Ledoyen Truffles

Chocolates. Everyone loves them, right? Right. So when I was offered to be sent some luxury Parisian truffles I umm’d and ahh’d for about never and bit their arm off.


The one-armed people in question are Pavillon Ledoyen. They are a company that create elegant macaroons  chocolates, biscuits, coffees, teas, champagnes, spirits, foie gras and many other gourmet specialties, in order to provide you with the best of Paris.


I was sent the truffles, all natural and dusted with cocoa powder.

While the $34.00 (£21.64) price tag will put off most, Pavillon Ledoyen certainly do their best to make you feel like they’re worth it. They arrive in a well crafted decorative box (right), that my wife is keen to keep for make-up storage, housing a golden packet in which hides the truffles.

Once you get past the elegant packaging, the truffles themselves are immensely luxurious. They’re rich and velvety, taking you from the bitter cocoa dusting to a buttery middle before giving you a light chocolaty aftertaste. They’re very rich, leaving you with a thought that is rare with most chocolate products: “I could only eat two of those”.

They would certainly make a nice treat for a special lady in your life, as they really are something very different from your classic Milk Trays and Lindor balls. They feel like they’d suit a special anniversary, alongside a trip to the country and a bottle of champagne. (He says having tried them at home, with a tea and Glee on the telly…)