366 Days of Kindness

I reviewed 366 Days of Kindness at The Tobacco Factory’s Brewery Theatre for Bristol information website Guide 2 Bristol. The original review can be found here.

Hey there. You look nice today. Had a haircut? New shoes? Either way, you look great.

While it is true, you will note I was being kind, and this show poses one simply question: Can kindness change the world?

Having witnessed the violence and anger of the riots that spread across the country three years ago, Bernadette Russell wanted to see if she could answer that very question. She made a promise to herself that she would be kind to a stranger at least once a day for a whole year. 366 days in a row to be exact, as it was a leap year.

The Tobacco Factory’s cosy Brewery Theatre provides an intimate setting for this wonderfully funny and touching show. Performed by just two people with a chair, a laptop, some boxes and various amounts of shoes, 366 Days of Kindness is an account of how Bernadette tackled her challenge.

We are told stories of giving flowers to the cashier in Tesco, throwing kindness cards at grumpy commuters and leaving positive messages in the self-help section of the library, as well as a dreamy dinner party with Barack Obama and Princess Diana.


As we hear about Bernadette’s acts of kindness, interjected by her sidekick voicing her inner voice and the characters she meets, we learn about the true power of kindness and how it can change someone’s day – and in some cases, life. You may be the lucky recipient of a lottery ticket from Bernadette, but she’ll make sure she gets the credit if she wins!

You leave the show being more courteous to your fellow theatre-goers and find yourself thinking of ways to be kinder and make an impact on the world as you make your way home. In that sense, 366 Days of Kindness is a very unique show. Yes, it is entertaining, but it can also change the way you interact with the world.

So, what will your kind act for today be?

Tickets for 366 Days of Kindness were provided by The Tobacco Factory for an independent review. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. You can read my review policy here.