Koochi Speedstar Stroller

The Koochi Speedstar Stroller is epic. That’s all you really need to know.

However, if you insist on knowing more I have thought about it a bit further than that and written some things…

(Amelia also spent time evaluating the stroller)


Compared to other strollers in this range, such as those from Maclaren, Graco and Quinny – you get so much more for your money. Priced at around £140 (possibly cheaper from stockists) it’s a mid-range stroller in a market with plenty of options – but it really makes its mark.

The design makes a real statement. It isn’t a boring black or grey like a lot of the others about. It isn’t even a standard pink, red or blue. The Speedstars comes in colours that ensure you’ll be seen – and never lose sight of it yourself. We were sent the Mix Magenta and it really stood out next to our existing stroller and buggy collection. You could see it turning heads as you walked down the street. In a good way, I think.

The build is wider than usual, so no squeezing your tiny tot in and there is plenty of room to grow. The basket below the seat is roomy, much more so than I’ve seen on others strollers. There is no need to quickly launch my daughter out of her seat to get the rain cover out when it started raining and it could hold a good amount from a quick trip to the shops.

The other bonus of this room is that it allows the seat can lay flat, which is fantastic for when your fifth trip round the block finally does the trick and your little ‘un drops off. It makes it much more comfortable for them, meaning they get that little bit extra they really need (and a break you deserve).

The downside of all of this that is that it is slightly heavier and bulkier than other strollers, which can be an issue when folding it and putting it in the boot of a car. However, that’s the trade off. You can have spacious and sturdy, or cramped and flimsy.

As well as the sturdy build quality, you also get added extras that would usually come as a costly optional accessory. A matching changing bag, a nice fleecy foot muff and even a cup holder, which is great for carrying much-needed caffeine (or perhaps something stronger depending on how many trips around the block you’ve needed to get them to sleep…)

I have found myself on a few reviews getting to this point of the post and saying that the price can put some people off, but the Koochi Speedstar is fantastic value for money. It compares very well to competitors, even those who cost more, so they are really making good strides at grabbing a share of busy parents’ attention.

I was very impressed and will be recommending to anyone who will listen.

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