Tough Mudder Training: Running

I hate running. It’s boring. It hurts. I’m slow. It’s time-consuming. I’d much rather do things like HHIIT or biking. Why am I bothering?

Tough Mudder demands it.

It is one week away from the toughest thing I’ve ever faced (bar facing the world on 3 hours sleep as a new dad). The ability to propel myself forward at a reasonable pace for more than 30 seconds is quite important or it. After all, it is basically a half marathon distance with horrendous obstacles in the way, so it isn’t all about strength and power.

I’ve done very well keeping up the training plan for HHIIT sessions and cycling, even clean eating has gone well, but the running has been the real test. I’ve probably done about 70% of the running I should have done and with the Tough Mudder just a week away I had only built myself up to 5 miles rather than the target of 8. Although, I was hit by a car on my bike so there was an understandable brief pause in training…

With that in mind, I set off tonight for a run that would reach the dizzying heights of 6.5 miles.

I grabbed my running gear, downed some water and was all set. Bar my phone. It was on 3% battery so no GPS tracking or podcast listening for me. My GPS app tells me how far I’ve done and what my pace is, while podcasts take my mind off of the run itself.

This is what happened:


Not bad for a man who usually struggles to keep under 10 minute miles due to nearly cartilage-less knees – and with no stopping. Quite a difference. Turns out that taking nothing but my own thoughts and some semblance of an idea of where I am going is all I need to run almost-well.

It may not be the 8 miles I was hoping to have reached by this point, but with everything else I’ve done (extra cycling) and experienced (colliding with cars), as well as running a good time without stopping, I’m happy that I’m ready to be tortured next week…

I am taking part in the Tough Mudder South West on Saturday 21st September in an effort to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you would like to make a donation please visit my JustGiving page.

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