Spray Can Insulated Mug

Bristol is known for being great at many things. Graffiti is one of those things. Events celebrating the rebellious paint form such as Upfest or See No Evil spruce up the city’s otherwise boring walls with fantastic murals of colour, slogans and characters. Plus, we have Banksy.

It seems apt then that I Want One Of Those (or IWOOT as the Internet calls them) wanted to send this Bristolian something in the shape of a spray can: an insulated travel mug.


The deign is very cool, looking very much like a spray can and sparking lots of “what is that?” comments when I start drinking out of its spray nozzle. It is certainly very different and stands out amongst a sea of functional Thermos flasks.

But while it looks really cool, that is where the positives end. It sadly doesn’t actually do its fundamental job of being an insulated travel mug very well.

My first test for it came in the form of a tea. Boiling hot water was poured, tea was stewed and I left if it for 90 minutes, anticipating the steaming tea I was promised by this spray can. It was cold. Not luke warm. Cold.

Granted it isn’t a Thermos flask and it is a novelty product but if I’d expect it to at least have some remaining heat if I were taking it with me on my travels.

So it fails on keeping liquid warm, but what about containing said liquids? This does that. Kind of.

The seal on the lid and the lid itself are not 100% leak-proof. The lid needs to be pushed down very hard to seal it correctly and the lid’s opening is quite loose, meaning it can easily be opened, especially when on the move. That’s bad news if you’ve put boiling water in it in the last 10 minutes, as it will soon be all over your hands, your mouth or, worse, your lap.

Overall, as you’d expect from all I Want One Of Those products, it is a cool present to get someone you don’t have any other ideas for. It is different, a good novelty and under a tenner. Tick. However, when you actually go to use it, that is where it lets you down. It does a job for whoever is buying it, but not for those receiving it as a gift.

The above products were sent to me for an independent review by IWOOT team. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. You can read my review policy here.


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