Brother Max Baby Thermometers

In a world where you are swimming in things in the nursery (stacking cups, bibs, nappies, books, chairs, vests, muslins, walkers – you get the point) a small something that can take the place of several things is already on to a winner.

So when Brother Max said they wanted me to try out five things that are just two things I almost bit their hand off…

Brother Max One-Touch 3-in-1 Digital Thermometer

The ‘three’ bit comes from the readings it gives; ear, forehead and room. And it will give you a reading for whichever one you choose in just 1 second to an accuracy of 0.1 degrees thanks to using fancy infrared technology.

When you have a potentially ill baby wriggling and screaming in your arms, needing their temperature taken, there are two things you really need; quickness and accuracy. This thermometer gives you both, in abundance.

As a room thermometer this also ticks a lot of boxes. It has a dock that you can rest on a surface or attach to the wall. Don’t worry about which way up you put it, like a smartphone it will self-correct the display! How clever is that? For a thermometer!

The price may catch some people out (it retails at about £34.99) but you’re paying for the features and the ease of use. We had a cheaper thermometer from Lloyds Pharmacy, but it doesn’t double up as a room temperature checker, it’s not as quick, it can only be used externally. You see where I’m going; it may seem like a lot for a thermometer but it really gives you great value for money.

Brother Max Ray Bath and Room Thermometer

Temperature is important as a parent. Little people need extra care when it comes to hot and cold. Usually something that helps you out with that would be boring. This isn’t. It llooks and acts like a toy. And one that looks like a manta ray at that!

Throw it into the bath as you run the water and it’ll let you know what the temperature is. If it gets too hot the LCD screen starts flashing away letting you know it’s not good for little skin. It also saves you from burning the skin off your elbow when you test the water yourself.

Amelia loves the colours and the shape, sinking her teeth into it given half a chance. It keeps her happy as we transition from the bath to her bedroom to get her all ready for (what I hope will be) sleepy time. This is where it doubles up to become a room thermometer.

Once I can get it out of the her superglue-esque grip I can set it on the side and it’ll tell me if the room is anywhere near the recommended 19 degrees. If it gets too chilly it gives you a visual warning, like it does with the bath water, so you can take action.

Overall, both of these are great pieces of kit that give that added peace of mind to parents, especially first timers, while also being highly functional and practical. As mentioned before, the price could put some people off but you get great value for money from Brother Max so I’d recommend splashing out if you can.

The above products were sent to me for an independent review by Brother Max team. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. You can read my review policy here.

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