Oh dear. I’ve signed up for the Tough Mudder.

Oh dear. Oh deary deary me. What have I done?

Usually this blog sees me trying nice things such as chocolates, wine or baby things. Not this time. This time it is different. This time it is an event. A crazy event.

It’s the Tough Mudder.


The Tough Mudder is a hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by Special Forces. It tests all-round strength, stamina and determination. I’ll be taking part in the South West version on September 21st.

Throwing yourself into a pile of mud with your mates sounds like a bunch of stupid fun but when you start looking at the obstacles (fire, ice, electricity) and the distance (10-12 miles) the reality soon hits you in the face like a belly flop into a dirty puddle. The Tough Mudder team claim that only 78% of entrants successfully complete each challenge and I have to sign a death waiver (a death waiver!) so you start to understand what faces me…

This is easily the hardest thing I have ever done (bar surviving at work on 3 hours of sleep after paternity leave). I did run the Bristol Half Marathon in 2009, but even then I did it in quite a slow time for someone of my age and fitness thanks to old man knees, so this is a big deal.

Because it’s such a big deal I’ve decided to give myself a reason for being so stupid: raising money for charity. I’m supporting Macmillan Cancer Support because everyone hates cancer and those suffering from it get some great support from Macmillan, so they deserve some more cash. If you fancy donating a few pennies you can at my JustGiving page – but I won’t hold it against you if you just say “good luck” instead.

To prepare for my big showdown I’ve started making sure I’m eating and training correctly. Thanks to my brother-in-law I’ve now got a calorie target and plenty of nutritional information on what is good to eat and I’m learning lots from a few books and blogs as well.

With that bit sorted, training is next. The past couple of weeks have been about ramping up the exercise to a full-blown training week: internal training Tuesday, cycle 12 miles Thursday and Friday and a run (increasing to 8 miles) on Sunday. That schedule starts next week for 10 weeks. Phew.

I’ll be posting a few updates every now and again and will also let you know how the big day goes, unless the death waiver comes in handy for Tough Mudder® Ltd of course.

Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “Oh dear. I’ve signed up for the Tough Mudder.

  1. Congratulations! My husband and I have also signed up for the TM (Vermont on August 10th). Good luck with your training and enjoy every minute. Can’t wait to see how you do. 🙂

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