Baker Days – a cake in the post

Want some cake? Of course you do. Everyone loves cake.

That made this review tough. Cake is glorious cake and can’t really have anything to make it stand out other than its amazing cakiness right? Well, Baker Days have something different.

Not only do they personalise designs, in a similar way that Moonpig does cards, they also offer cakes that are small enough to be posted through your letterbox!


My cake arrived – in perfect condition thanks to it’s tin – with a special message, a party whistle, candles, a blank card for a message and some balloons. This means you can order it and have it delivered to your house or office, confident you just need a pen and matches and you’re away. I would say that the tin makes a handy container to keep the spare cake for up to 14 days, but whoever heard of such thing as spare cake?

There are tons of designs. Choose from humour, celebration, occasion, all sorts. And on top of that there are a few choices of cake as well; sponge, carrot, chocolate chip and gluten free.

I was sent a carrot cake, which was nice enough. Being letterbox-sized means that you don’t get a cream filling in the middle meaning that you would expect the cake to be a tiny bit drier than usual but it was still lovely and moist and the quality of the sponge was top notch. And trust me, I double-checked with another slice to make sure it was like that the whole way round.

While it ticks all the boxes of fun and functionality, the big sticking point will be the price. The personalised letterbox cakes, including the party bits and delivery, come in at £14.99 for the standard sponge. That’s a big number for 3-4 slices.

I’d be delighted to receive one, not so much to pay for one but if you’re stuck for a last-minute present that is different from a bottle of fizz or some chocolates they are a fantastic option.

The above products were sent to me for an independent review by Baker Days team. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. You can read my review policy here.


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