Gummee Glove Teething Mitten

Babies are lovely. However, babies, once they reach a few months of age, become eating machines. Not food, just things. Everything goes in the mouth; fingers, remote controls, chins, books, iPads, wet wipe bags. Everything.

It aids discovery but mainly soothes gums as tiny little razors try and break through their skin. Amelia reached that stage a while ago and, as a result, we are swimming in toys to soothe her (and distract her from the non-dribbleproof technology in our house).

The problem is that little people have little hands with little grip. More often than not, Amelia will have a teething toy for 10 seconds, then it is dropped on the floor. Daddy picks it up, gives it back, chomp chomp chomp, floor. Repeat ad infinitum.

One parent had the same problem and came up with the Gummee Glove.

2013-05-11 08.22.45

The Gummee Glove is a teething mitten that tries to get rid of the problem of little ‘uns lobbing toys they were eating away then moaning that they haven’t got a toy to eat.

It has three teething edges, a black and white crinkle patch (good for visual and audio stimulation) and a pocket to hold a teething ring. The sample I was sent came with a pink ring (blue is the other option naturally) which can be popped in the fridge to add extra cooling effect for little people or even replaced with a similar-sized teething ring that you might already have.

I found that while Amelia loved chomping away on it, the Gummee Glove acted like a sponge and soaked up all her dribble, then when she crawled along, she left little wet patches in her wake. She also got a little grumpy when she wanted to grab things with that hand and started to try and yank it off after about 10 minutes. I don’t think this would be a problem with younger babies, but Amelia is approaching 8 months so perhaps she is a little old for it.

The price may put some people off – £10.99 plus £3.60 P+P – but it depends how much you value saving time and your back, as well as not having to take several teethers out with you as they’ll all get dropped on icky floors.

Overall, I think that the Gummee Glove is great idea, with some little clever thoughts here and there to make it stand out in a crowded teething toy market. It is better suited to younger babies just starting to teeth, not crawling around or at a stage where they are able to pull it off.

The above products were sent to me for an independent review by The Gummee Glove team. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. You can read my review policy here.


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