“The Bomber” drinking receptacle

I’m under no illusions. I’m in my late 20s. I’m a dad. I just bought a family car. I’ve sprouted one or two grey hairs. I always hanker for some wine when my daughter is finally in bed. I’m getting old.

I’m not part of the audience who regularly frequents situations where alcohol can be mixed and described as a ‘bomb’ (although I have a friend who is obsessed with Skittlebombs). Nonetheless I was still interested by Ent-ice’s Bombers from a design point of view.

Bombercups are there to help make bomb shots, of which the most famous is the Jägerbomb, quick and easy to create at home.

I was sent the gift pack of 4 clear cups with neon centres by Tim from Ent-ice.


When I went to review them, not only did I lack any Jägermeister, but I also lacked any Red Bull. I lacked anything bomb-related. I tried it with whatever I could find, which happened to be some Mauritian white rum and diet coke. Pretty much sums up how out of touch with drinking culture I am. I’m more likely to ask my wife where our chablis is rather than our Aftershock.

The design of the cup worked perfectly. The fins on the outside edge of the internal shot made sure I knew how much mixer to put in, and as I took as sip, they mixed really well, although I did get an initial strong hit of rum, but that’s the point when “drinking” a proper bomb.

Overall, Bombers are fun as well as practical. They are a novelty, but they also look good, with bright colours and intriguing design. However, I think the very singular use of the Bombers are their downfall. Think of fondue sets; they are presented eagerly on their arrival,  everyone has fun, but then they are rarely used and become the thing that is always in the way of that tupperware container you need to put in the kitchen cupboard.

They’ll make a great gift to a take along to an intoxicating-focused party, but they aren’t for long-term use. At £9.99 for 4, they’re not breaking the bank for a gift to the host, but for the people who are going to parties where bombs are the norm, they’re probably likely to spend that tenner on more alcohol.

The above products were sent to me for an independent review by Ent-ice who produce “The Bomber”. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. You can read my review policy here

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