Giveaway: Mummy Teething Jewellery

Amelia is 5 months old now. This means everything has to go in her mouth. Fingers? Mouth. Bunny? Mouth. Foot? Mouth. Daddy’s glasses? Mouth.

This has meant that my wife has had to remove any jewellery from her person, especially necklaces, so when I heard from Natalie at Love PR & Communications about a new range of jewellery that doubled as a teething toy for babies she caught my interest.

Gumigems are necklaces that are baby safe, because they are made from the same materials as teethers, meaning mum can still wear
something nice without worrying about it inevitably ending up in the little un’s gob.

They are made of some sort of super stuff that withstands high temperatures, so can easily be sterilised ready for the next round of gummy munching or just in case you ever fancied boiling a necklace out of pure curiosity (like I did).

The necklaces come on a long cord, so there is plenty of reach for baby, but they also have a breakaway clasp to stop mothers being garrotted.

When I showed my wife the previews Natalie sent, they got the “oh they’re good” seal of approval.

AND I’ve got two sets of Gumigem necklaces to giveaway to two Jake Tries Things readers; One Pepper raindrop pendant and 1 squash Bermuda bangle for two lucky winners.

Just fill in the form below before the 11pm on Mother’s Day (in the UK, Sunday 10th March) and I will pick two winners! Good luck!



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