Bionsen Pump and Roll-on Deodorants

When someone sends you deodorant in the post it is hard not to take offence. When someone sends you women’s deodorant you start to question your public image. Regardless of my sexual incompatibility, Bionsen sent me some of their aluminium and paraben free deodorants to give the once over.


Bionsen is designed to be a gentle and considerate product, compiled of Japanese spa minerals and good for those with sensitive skin.

Being a women’s product the majority of this review comes from the point of view of my wife. She is actually well placed to try Bionsen’s products out as, unlike me, she is 1: actually a woman and 2: has slightly sensitive skin under her arms, so I was keen for her to contribute significantly more to the review than me.

We were sent two of their products; a 100ml pump spray and a 50ml roll-on.

Kelly won’t usually go anywhere near anything other than Dove or Nivea, but after trying them she commented that she would add the Bionsen pump spray to her “allowed list” when shopping. It cost a little more than the rest, but Kelly pointed out that one of the reasons to choose Bionsen over them is that the “spray” is actually a pumped liquid rather than an aerosol.

When I tried it, and I couldn’t well post about it on “Jake Tries Things” if I didn’t, it was odd to feel something that was wet and warm, as I’m used to the opposite with aerosols. Being a spray didn’t seem to diminish its deodorising talent, so unlike energy-saving lightbulbs, which are good for the planet but bad for you actually seeing stuff, this does what it is supposed to while also being better for the environment, which gets a thumbs-up from me. That and it smells rather nice.

The roll-on held its own against other competitors used by the Johnson household, but with nothing to distinguish it, I don’t think it would be bought ahead of them. It did its job, but without fanfare, so there it little else to say. The spray deodorant, however, is something that will be in my mind when we next go shopping.

Both Bionsen products are available to buy from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, as well as online.

The above products were sent to me for an independent review by Acdoco, Bionsen’s parent company. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. You can read my review policy here

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