Bathtime Buddies

Bathtime is my thing. My wife spends all day with my 4 month old daughter, so when I come home from work it is my time to shine, bonding with her as I get her bathed and ready for bed.

Amelia and I love it. She splashes around, while I get to see her smile her little head off. However, as she develops, raspberries and stupid faces courtesy of her father just won’t cut it  anymore. She’ll need some bath toys, so the opportunity to review some was well timed.


H&A’s Bathtime Buddies arrived and I had been sent four things:

Wash Buddy

A bright yellow duck that doubles as a wash sponge. Perfect. Amelia loved this. It was bright. It was soft. It was practical – which she didn’t care about but ticked a box for me! Saves bringing two things to bathtime. It was also very lightweight and textured, which was good for her little, slippery, grasping hands.

Mr Clock


While this is a little old for Amelia at the moment, she liked the colours and I look forward to teaching her to tell the time with it. Each number can be popped out and they, along with Mr Clock himself, stick easily to wet surfaces and are nice and soft should a certain small person try to eat it, as happens with everything at the moment.

Bath crayons


I’m not 100% sure why children need to draw in the bath (H&A say it’s for hand-eye coordination development), but the idea is interesting so I was looking forward to seeing what they would come out like. Scared that I’d stain my bath tub for life, I tried them on the tiles, which the packet stated was ok.

I had gotten the tiles wet to test out the stickiness of Mr Clock, so gave them a go in the same area. Sadly they didn’t seem to take to the wet area, preferring to only write on the dry tiles. This is somewhat problematic, what with bathtime being inherently, you know, wet.

Bath Tidy

Bathtime can be messy. Small people need a ridiculous amount of accessories and you quickly run out of bathside real estate, so a bath tidy is a must.

The Bathtime Buddies tidy hits the spot as it is neutral enough to suit any bathroom colour scheme, as well as being easy to bung in the wash, as it consists of just a net and two frogs heads. It also held up well to a stress test as I put around 6 full bottles of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner in it before it started to slide down the wall.
Overall, the great thing about the Bathtime Buddies range is the value. Mr Clock is just £1.25. My favourite of the range, the bath tidy, is a fantastic £2.00 – and they’re all easily available from major supermarkets.

I’ll be taking a trip to Wilko or Asda to see what else they’ve got as for a couple of quid you can’t go wrong (unless it’s things that only work on dry things in an environment of wet things…).

The Bathtime Buddies range was sent to me for an independent review by Rachel from Finn PR. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. You can read my review policy here


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