Princess Leia Geekling Hat

Baby clothes can be quite boring. The same pinky/blue colours and the same bear and bird patterns. If you do find something different, perhaps a slogan or two, it is smack bang in the middle of the road and downright meh. But not if you look off the beaten track…

As well as being a dad, I’m a geek. I love geeky film and technology things. I still have my Sega MegaDrive and refuse to get rid of my copy of Jurassic Park on VHS, so when Canada-based Geekling Designs got in touch, promising geeky and different baby clothes, I was interested right away. I had a look at their offerings, including 1337,  RSS Feed Me and Aperture Test Subject bodysuits, and knew they were for me.

After talking to the very friendly Jennifer  who runs Geekling Designs with her husband Rob, and she offered to send me a sneak preview of some upcoming clothing. It was something that would fly under the radar for those who didn’t know the films very well but was obvious enough for those in the know. I’d imagined scenarios where knowing people would nod at me in slow-motion as we walked past, a nod that said “well played sir”: A Princess Leia hat.


The hat was surprisingly well-made for what I thought would be a novelty product. It was as if my nan was a secret Carrie Fisher fan so knitted the hat for Amelia and tried to sneak the cinnamon swirl hairstyle past my eyes. Amelia seemed to like it (as in she didn’t scream the house down when I put it on her) and it also seemed like quite a practical thick Winter hat that was useful for more than just a giggle at my daughter’s expense. What’s more, it did quite a good job of giving her a full hair of head! What more could my girl want?

I look forward to seeing the other hats that are coming up on the Geekling store. I may even gamble on a less-than-a-tenner mystery box, which is charmingly shaped like a Mario ? box.


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