The Real Shaving Co: Part 1 – Scrub and Moisturiser

I got home from work yesterday, fed up with the snow and feeling a touch worn down, so it was nice to see a box of goodies from The Real Shaving Co waiting to perk me up as I got in.

I was sent 4 products to try; a face scrub, a moisturiser, a shaving cream and a shaving balm.


I’d just shaved that morning and as my facial hair grows at the speed comparable to some owned by someone about to take their GCSEs, it was inevitability ironic that my first review for The Real Shaving Co would have to have nothing to do with shaving.

Eitherway, first up were the face scrub and moisturiser.

If I’m to choose anything to wash my face with, it’s a scrub. I like to give it some effort, feel it get rid of all the gunk and leave me fresh faced. Sadly, it struggled. While it did scrub, the bits that do the scrubbing seemed few and far between and I needed quite a large amount to feel that my face hadn’t been ignored in my washing routine. Once I had enough (about three times what I’d expect to use) it performed admirably, achieving the ‘fresh faced’ bit.

However, the SPF 15 moisturiser clawed it back. It was a rich cream that managed to avoid the major pit that many other male moisturisers fall into; leaving you feeling greasy. It jumped that obstacle left me feeling energised and ready to take on whatever the world wanted to throw at me, which turned out to be a teething baby girl refusing to go to sleep. I did note that it managed to soothe the dry patches under my eyes where I’ve been sleepily rubbing them since Amelia was born, something my other moisturisers, including a Boots No 7 one, have failed to do.

I’d happily buy the moisturiser again, but the face scrub isn’t something I’d pick over something else if the price was the same.

Now I’m just willing my face to push out some hair so I can test The Real Shaving Co’s real bread and butter; shaving products.

(I think I can also add beauty blogger to Tesco wine taster on my LinkedIn profile now…)

One thought on “The Real Shaving Co: Part 1 – Scrub and Moisturiser

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