Not too Chablis

(It was screaming out for a pun like that, so don’t… wine… about it)

Tesco were kind enough to send me some white wine as part of my first review for their magazine’s reader panel last week. I should feature in next month’s issue, but for now, here I am on my own little blog…


My wine-drinking palette is hardly sophisticated. I tend to drink it and think “hmm, tastes like wine” but I am developing a desire to drink it more as the sleep deprivation from being a new dad drags into its fourth month. So I was quite pleased to hear that Tesco wanted to ply me with a bottle of the stuff in exchange for my thoughts.

The first bottle I received was their Tesco Finest Chablis Grande Cuvee, which at £9.99 a bottle is usually out of my reach.

I took my bottle on a visit to my aunt, who knows a thing or two about vino, so we could properly test it and I could come up with something better than “it’s grapey”. When I applied myself properly I surprised myself and noted:

  • It has quite a lovely fizz on the tongue when you drink it and the taste lingered for a good while (that’s “length” apparently).
  • It was nice and light, meaning it would go quite well with creamy pasta and fish or chicken if you had it with dinner. It wouldn’t do very well up against something heavy like steak.
  • It smelled of green fruits, like apples, and wasn’t too acidic. It could easily be a “night in” type of bottle, as it’s quite light and smooth.
  • I should add “Tesco Wine Taster” to my LinkedIn profile…

I’m normally on the look out for the bottle just above the cheapest, but this bottle opened my eyes to the difference. I can tell now that the wine I usually drink is low-grade and not usually a considered choice.

The Chablis Grande Cuvee was a thoroughly enjoyable bottle of wine, which I would probably buy as a nice treat for a night in with my wife rather than regularly because of the price – although I may struggle to stomach the Asda 3 for £10 bottles from now on.

UPDATE: Here I am in the March edition of Tesco Magazine!

2013-03-09 17.24.54


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