Malmesbury Syrups

(Updated on 22nd January after an inaccuracy over shot measures)

Every Christmas I seem to have a new drink I become obsessed with at home. Last year it was Horlicks. The year before that it was Baileys hot chocolate. This year it is syrups. You know, the stuff that you can have a “shot” of in your hot beverage from the coffee shop. Well, I became fixated on having a gingerbread syrup in hot milk on an evening, but it ran out. So I got these for Christmas:


They are Taylerson’s Malmesbury Syrups, made near me in the West Country, that have been adding Gingerbread, Crème Brûlée and Hazelnut flavours to my hot drinks since the big day. They have even pushed me over the edge and I am regularly drinking coffee for the first time in my life!

While the Gingerbread is the standard-setter with a strong flavour, the other two are more aromatic and don’t overpower the drink. Personally, I think the 5ml instructed “shot” isn’t enough to make an impact  (UPDATE: They don’t actually say this, I was confused. They suggest something more like 10-15ml which makes more sense) so I add a little more than suggested meaning I’ll use these three bottles up in no time. That aside, they are delicious and also very well priced when compared to the bottles on offer over the counters of Starbucks and Costa.

Not only do they have the versions I was lucky enough to receive. There are more. Taylerson’s have a wide range of syrups* from the standard collection of Caramel, Cinnamon and Vanilla* to the more adventurous Hot Cross Bun*. With that kind of offering, I’m sure this syrup obsession will last a lot longer than my fling with Horlicks did.

* Amazon Associate link


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